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Kitchen Measurement

We will measure all walls, ceiling height, as well as the location/distance of all appliances. We wo [...]

Design Layout

After measurement have been taken, we will start laying out the design, and you can join in by sugge [...]

Cabinet & Counter Top Installation

Assemble cabinet out of box, install them against the walls, by following the design agreed upon. [...]

Other Home Interior Work

On top of kitchen & bath cabinets installation and fixing, our men possess other home fixing / i [...]

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Well, since we are the DO person, we have been doing installation and fixed broken cabinet all these years. Hence we know how to do it well and know what causes the break. With that said, we felt we better off form a LLC and reach out to folks like you.

There is no man-in-the-middle.
We don't hold up huge inventory and no large showroom.
Thus, we have no non-value added cost passes to you. PERIOD

We provide after sales support.
We will service you event you have paid us in full.
We believed in repeat sales and the power of word of mouth.